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I did apply for a loan through a broker. A few day later I got a call from this number. The guy was Indian and he said my details have been passed onto his company (UK Loan Finance Company Ltd) by my loan broker. He took my details and run me through an application. He said I have been approved for a loan and blah blah blah. He went on to say because it is an unsecured loan, I had to foot out the first months repayment before the loan will be paid out. This will show my commitment to repaying the loan. As desperate as I was, I was will to do anything to get the loan. He advised that I used a PayPoint to purchase a UKASH voucher. I was stupid enough to do this. I was then promised my loan will be deposited in my account within an hour. They were also going to email me the loan agreement.

An hour passed, no show. No email.

I then got another call from these greedy Indian bastard saying the tax office are holding the loan as I need to pay tax on the loan. And that my loan will not be issued if I don't pay the tax on it. This is when my thinking faculty started to work.

1. Who pays tax on a loan? Actually, who has to pay tax or any service charge of that matter on a loan before it is issued.
2. Who in need of money to seek a loan will have to pay their first installment before the loan is actually payed out?

At this point, I told the slimy Indian bastard I was going to contact my loan broker to discuss this with them. Lo and behold, my loan broker haven't passed any information onto these greedy pigs and they know them as a scam company operating from India. They rent out the 01618188862 number for their scam.

I have since reported the matter to the police www.actionfraud.police.uk Tel 03001232040. I have also reported this to UKASK who are unable to do anything as the voucher has been redeemed and they will also trace the outlet only if they are contacted by the police.

The funny thing is these greedy slimy bastards are still ring my phone. I am really going to take them for a spin. Waste their time and effort and then tell them to FUCK OFF big time.

I hope this will send out a message to guys out there so they avoid these scammers.

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