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Phoning my mobile every day. I have never answered & have no intention of doing so.
Unknown Neutral
I get at least 4 calls a day but I never pick up
Unknown Nuisance
These calls are becoming an almost daily nuisance. Where they have obtained the mobile numbers for myself and wife I have no idea. If we answer, there is no response. Surely something can be done, apart from involving the T.P.S., which experience indicates would not be fruitful.
Unknown Nuisance
After a gap of lots of months, this number has restarted to ring me. Surely the Trading Standards or Police can put a stop to this "fraudelany" organisation.
Unknown Negative
I've recieved two calls from this number as far as I can find out its a talk talk number
Unknown Nuisance
i had message voicmail left yesterday so txt the number back that orange gave me which i got charged for ,bearing in mind i get so many free messages which i thought was strange so decided to check it on the web and low and behold you have proved other people i being pestered.it's another scam number yet again
Unknown Negative
called saying they were from Orange payg, offering a better deal, £11 a month ,they want your bank details and credit/debit card number then they will send you a new sim card, its a scam, They have nothing to do with Orange, I almost got sucked in as I just had a new phone (Orange) as soon as they asked for my bank details I hung up,
Unknown Negative
this person has phoned me three times in three days. I have not answered to this number and will be adding it to my reject list.
Unknown Nuisance
Mark as SCAM
Just got called from this number but didn't recognize it so Googled and found this and similar pages. I am usually reluctant to answer a call to my mobile unless I recognize it, so have now entered the number into my mobile phone directory with SCAM as the name - to warn me the next time.. It's the first dodgy call I've had for a while so I'm also going back to not even picking the phone up unless it rings more than 6 times. The previous scammers always stopped after 6 rings.
Another whois page has some people reporting £5 being deducted from your PAYG if you answer it.
Unknown Safe
Silent answerphone messages all the time!
Unknown Nuisance
Frequent calls from this number, 1 concerning payg phone, others silent. silent ansaphone messages too.
Unknown Nuisance
Silent unsolicited ansaphone calls to my mobile number in last 10 days
Unknown Nuisance
Receiving frequent calls from this numbe during the last 10 days. I have not answered one to date!
Unknown Nuisance
Have been called constantly for the last 10 days with them even leaving silent voicemails. Am considering answering and blowing a whistle down the phone next time.
Unknown Nuisance
Hung up without leaving a message
Unknown Nuisance
Calls again and again. Phone normally gets put down on answer. Once heard a woman saying " Calling about the PAYG phone you bought recently " then it cut off.
Unknown Nuisance