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If you have received an unsolicited phone call or an unwanted SMS message from the phone number 08456021111 you do not know and want to know about it more, maybe you are not the only one. On this page, you can see the comments to the phone number 08456021111 from other people.

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This number has called every hour for a day so far. Scam.
Scam call Nuisance
Voicemail message informing about millions of pounds of transfer of funds.
Scam call Nuisance
This number rang me at 4am, which obviously was not appreciated. It was a robotic voice which said hold to listen to the message. The message said an order would be delivered soon, but it was not a purchase I recognised.
Nuisance call Nuisance
Landlines phone has rang four times in an hour from this number scam and harassing just idiots do this
Unknown Neutral
Received call early Sunday morning 3/7/22 stated message from unknown number!!! with three options I selected third option to delete
Unknown Neutral
This number rang my landline at 8.40am today Monday 07/02/2022. A recorded voice stated it was from parcel force and to press 1 to hear a message. I did not press the number as I receive so many scam calls. The number has rang several times since. Does this number charge if I respond?
Unknown Neutral
Text message sent to my house phone in audio format. Message said it was BT - not with BT. Then told me the sender number - recognised it as my son's mobile although he not with BT either. Then gave me various options including press 1 to listen. All safe and okay. Spoke to him later and was surprised it went to my landline - he thought he sent it to my mobile. Wouldn't have pressed 1 or any other phone key if I didn't know the number. Too many scam calls around. I can understand why BT provide this service. Could be useful for some
SMS Useful
So comment below you are 84 and have scam calls all the time maybe get rid if the landline phone then you obviously can use technology as you posted here and have no need for a landline, just sayin
SMS Safe
Received call at 9am saying it was from BT and to press 1 to hear message. But I am 84 and have so many scam calls every week I dare not respond,
Unknown Nuisance
BT message service; verbal message from SMS text: Garbled about grass & hay in the meadow.

Scam call Negative
Not a scam, it was an audible text message from my partner. She accidentally sent it to my work landline, not my mobile.
EE calling to read me the automated message.
SMS Useful
Comment below, did you actually answer it ? Obviously not some people are just beyond help ....
SMS Safe
Started ringing from 08.45 am kept on every hour or so until 9.50pm!!!. dangerouse.
Unknown Negative
comment below - exactly - these morons keep going backwards and forwards on these pages for what - attention sad retired old people ! hey oorty boy ?? common sense means a lot these days sadly it missing on these idiots..
SMS Neutral
Beats me how anyone can decide a caller is a scam without finding out what the call is about! This number will keep calling over a 24 hour period as it is attempting to relay an audio translation of a text some idiot sent to your landline. After that time the message will be deleted from the system. You cannot be scammed by picking up the phone and listening. Plenty of info around that explains what to do next if you don't want to press any number.
SMS Useful
Had about 15 missed calls from this number right up till 11pm, over 2 days. Very annoying, no messages, just hang ups.
Scam call Nuisance
Previous two comments - what's the matter have I got you blocked again on yet another site so you have to find somewhere else to argue ? So sad ! please ignore the previous two comments and use common sense its rocket science is it oort cloud ! Is it jack ?
SMS Neutral
This is a text service number. It is attempting to relay an audio translation of a text someone sent to your landline. It will ALWAYS tell you the originating number before asking you to press a number to listen to the message. It will cut out when an answer phone cuts in. Plenty of important recommendations about on the 'net what to do to avoid the scammers that may use this service. But it is the originating number that's the scammer number not this service number.
SMS Neutral
This number called at 22;30 sunday night ( To quote peter kay " who can this be at this time of night ") ,They left a text voice message to ring them back regarding an item I have advertised on Gumtree " can I let them know if it is still for sale".
This is a premium number '' So no thank you.
This is a scam new one to me .
Don't let the BAxxxxxx catch you out.
Scam call Negative
blasted nuisance called 15 times today scam call about non existent amazon prime account
Scam call Negative
This is the BT service for delivering Voice Texts to phones that are unable to receive Texts from mobile phones.. If you want advice or stop these calls phone BT on 08005875252
Unknown Neutral
This number called me at 10.00 this morning and hung up when I answered.
Unknown Neutral
i have just been called six time in times in 15 minutes by this number
Unknown Neutral
Bastards woke me up then hung up when I answered >
Telemarketing Nuisance
CAlled my mobile at 9.15 on a Saturday evening and left a text message that was not retrievable. No idea who or why.
Unknown Nuisance
Called me 3 times on my skype number as I set up my account.
Unknown Nuisance
This is just another unsolicited attempt to try and extort money from me. These people are in the very same category as the con man and criminal who try and wheedle their way into my house via the use of the phone line. This time they tried a text messaging service.
Unknown Nuisance