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Every day at the same time for over two weeks now. Silent !

Real pain.....
Unknown Nuisance
This number is calling me every weekday after 6pm, I have caller display so I don't answer as I don't recognise the number but it's becoming a nuisance.
Unknown Nuisance
silence??? thats all i get
Unknown Nuisance
Silent calls. I too used to be a CSMA member....
Telemarketing Nuisance
2 silent calls 1815 and 1946
Unknown Nuisance
Some one in the below string mentioned CSMA. I believe there was a serious data leak in which personal details were possibly stolen. I got a letter to this effect a year or so ago. Whoever is doing this do not trust them.
Unknown Negative
I have enough to do without tossers like these people, CSMA have a website *(DO NOT JOIN)
Unknown Nuisance
Had a call from this number this evening. Someone actually laughed then put the phone down. I too was a member of the CSMA a long time ago and received a call from them earlier this year asking me to re-join
Unknown Nuisance
I keep getting silent calls from this number and similar. Today when they called I was about to leave the phone on the desk until the call ended when I heard someone say "hellooo" in a heavily accented voice. I decided I'd still put the phone down and give them the silent treatment back. Interesting that someone mentioned the CSMA, I also used to be a member and have had one call from them asking me back but as I haven't had a car for nearly 3 years I told them I wasn't interested. If it is them calling they won't get a warm reception from me!
Telemarketing Nuisance
calling on and off for the past week, 4 or 5 times yesterday.
Mega Pest!!!!!!
Unknown Nuisance
silent call twice today
Unknown Nuisance
Been getting several calls a day from this number for the last week or so, just silence when I answer. Very annoying.
Unknown Nuisance
Have been called six times today by this number no- one answers A bloody nuisance
Unknown Neutral
Just had a silent call from this number. Infuriating.
Unknown Nuisance
Had two calls in 2 days. First asked for my daughter and then hung up. Second was a silent call.
Calls were approx. 3pm and 6:45pm.
Unknown Nuisance
I just took a call from this number after having it call me a few times, and none of these websites had any confirmed caller ID. The caller explained that it was CSMA (civil service motoring association), as I used to be a member, and they were trying to get me to re-join.
Telemarketing Nuisance
Had calls several times from this number usually after 8pm, silence when picked up, real nuisance and I don't know who they are.
Unknown Neutral
This number has rung me several times today, each time silent. Also a few times over last week. Googling it indicates they are a prolific offender :(
Unknown Nuisance
A short call which was left on our answerphone: when we retrieved the call, it charged our account the 18.7p call return fee (even though we did not return the call) and the 16p ''special service'' fee.
Unknown Negative