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Mumbled manner of speaking and plenty of noise in the background - male caller wanting to speak with the home owner. Gave an unfamiliar name when asked and said he was calling on behalf of some, again, unfamiliar company. When asked to repeat the name of the company he was representing - he suddenly cut the call.
Unknown Nuisance
Exactly the same happened to me just now. The caller asked if he was speaking to the home owner, and when I asked who was calling, he tutted and put the phone down.
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03/01/2014 caller ask if I was the home owner when I said it doesn't matter who I am who's calling he mumbled something and put the phone down. 'Charming' these people should be prosecuted

Unknown Nuisance
keeps calling my land line - when I have answered I get silence then hangs up
Unknown Nuisance
As other comments below but this time it was a female. When challenged what they wanted with the home owner, what was the purpose of the call they rang off saying it was a waste of time trying to talk to me. RESULT!!!
Unknown Nuisance
Called twice today from this number asking if I was the homeowner. Gave his name which I could not understand as there was loud music in the background. He said he was working for my bank and was conducting a survey but could not name the bank or the branch. Very insistant and official sounding but I put the phone down on him. Convinced this is a scam. Why cant Orange close these people down!
Unknown Negative
Been called several times over the past week by this number. Initial call the caller spoke very fast and I had to ask him to repeat but still didn't catch what was said. Since then at least two calls through out each day with just background busy office then caller hangs up.
Unknown Nuisance
Had two calls from this number today - was at home to pick up the 2nd. Call centre in background - caller asked to speak to the home owner. When he said who he was with he spoke so fast that I did not get the name and he threw me with the 'how are you today?' question. He then asked me if I was familiar with what sounded like the name of a road that I had not heard of before. I asked him to repeat the question - I still could not hear him properly and so said I was not familiar with the place he had said and he put the phone down on me. Sounded very nervous - new call centre caller?
Unknown Nuisance
Called by this No this morning.
Caller asked to speak to The Home Owner but I insisted he said who was calling me first.
He said he was call from a company called Infinity, but then rang off.
I am registered with the TPS but that does NOT make any difference to the number of nuisance calls I still get !
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