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I`ve received this number twice today and previously two or three times a day a couple of times a week. They leave no message..or just hang up up. Best to ignore or BLOCK the number as I have now done.
Unknown Neutral
Just had a call from this company saying it was about a RTA Id been in within the last 3 years. I asked what it was about, what car I was driving etc, to be told by a VERY RUDE girl she didnt have the details. I then asked where she had the info from,,,, I said she obviously was calling from some kind of SCAM place to which she replied "Shurrup".......... not very customer focused Id say. Does anyone the name of this company ?
Unknown Nuisance
Knew my name, said it was regarding a road collision that wasn't my fault 3 years ago. I said I hadn't been in one, he seemed really surprised by this but said he would take my name off the database
Unknown Nuisance
Really annoying nuisasance number. Calls me every day sometimes twice!!!
Unknown Negative
never answer to this number 07937941233 jersey. they are based in liverpool when i looked into the company the internet is saying the company has been dissolved in june 2014 not sure if they have set up again this is not legal they should not be calling they have your name and number but that is all the info they have. do not give any information to them its all one BIG SCAM.
Unknown Negative
was called by this number last week, asked where they got my number from. said i had made a claim about an accident. said hadn't and asked for my number to be deleted and said they would. today received another, said i ask last week for my number to be deleted, was accused of shouting and being rude and that they would not help me if i carried on. wasn't rude and said it was them who contacted me i hadn't contacted them so they are nuisance calling. again asked for my number to be deleted. insisted that i had asked for help. if you see this number on your phone ignore big time...horrible people!
Telemarketing Negative
Just had a call from this number, a very bad line and a lot of background noise. It was a man calling with a Liverpool accent. Asked for my husband, told them he wasn't on my number and the man said he was calling about the minor road traffic accident my husband was involved in. I just said he hasn't been, what's this about? to which he said ok, thank you for your time then hung up. Sounds like some annoying compensation claim thing to me!
Unknown Nuisance
I just had a call from them telling me it was about the road accident I was involved in. Ive never been involved in one, but I did report as awitness a hit and run collision.

They knew my name and number.

Have the police sold my details?
Unknown Neutral
Knew my name and asked if I knew their cousin, then put phone down. Was very .
Unknown Neutral
Pension Scam - claims to know you have a frozen pension, I'd advise against giving the caller any information
Unknown Negative
If the phone number 07937941233 annoys you and you are using an Iphone - click on the information icon - an "i" in a circle and then scroll to the bottom of the list and sellect block this contact.

They won't bother you again!
Unknown Nuisance
Have had many calls from this number. No one there when I answer. Call back from a land line to be told by a robot that 'my call is very important.' Then nothing. The message repeats then the call is ended automatically.
Unknown Neutral