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I have today phoned Halifax and they confirmed to me that this is the fraud number so its all safe
Safe number Neutral
also had this message claiming to be halifax plc, apparently a russian hockey team were trying to take money from my account! beware!!!!
SMS Neutral
scam !!! I have no idea how they got bits of numbers of my card but I went to the LLoyds bank and they confirmed that it is a phishing scam!
I than received a call from a 0008453510192 pretending to be anti fraud from a bank
those people should be jailed!!!
SMS Negative
Received an sms from this number claiming to be my bank and asking for me to confirm if I had tried to use my card online. I called my banks fraud department directly and they had no idea where the text had come from and said that no-one had tried to use my card. I would air on the side of caution and contact your bank directly if you suspect that someone is phishing for information.
SMS Negative
This number if definetly the bank of scotland I got a txt saying there had been a debit made online with my bank card to confirm yes or no. I thought the text was phishing so called the banks fraud line and it was them who had text me and some fraudster was using my details. So respond if u get a txt from this no. ASAP
SMS Safe
Text service as part of tHe fraud checking system of Halifax Bank of Scotland. I ignored this thinking it was fishing, but was later contacted by the bank on their 0845 number confirming someone was trying to use an old card.
Unknown Neutral
This seemed to be a safe number. I replied No (As if they have my details a reply of Yes/No won't give them any more)

They then text back giving me the halifax card services number to ring. You could always just ring the service directly
Safe number Useful
Claimed to be Lloyds Bank asking to confirm a transaction. Doesn't seem to be them as it asks to text back, and I already receive genuine balance texts from them which comes through a different number. Quite scary though considering the text contained details of a real transaction that happened the night before. Will be keeping an eye on this! If in doubt always contact your bank using details on their site or in a branch!
SMS Negative
Appears to be phishing scam, sms from this number pretending to be my bank
Unknown Negative
Claims to be a bank and has the last 4 of your credit card and ask to confirm a false transaction by texting back yes or no. It is a fraud and I would suggest that they have got hold of your credit card details and mobile phone number by either stealing the info or getting from a company that you have recent used on-line to order something from. No UK Bank would use a mobile phone number to contact you by.
Unknown Negative