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Asian gentelmam nuisance he was told very imploightly where to go grrrrrrrr.
Unknown Nuisance
called me twice, once in December and told not to call me again or I will report them. Called today tried to report them to TPS, whom I am registered with, but as I dont know their name cant do it. What a ..... waste of time. !!!
Survey Nuisance
calling constantly to speak to a Mr Darling, have been told repeatedly that Mr Darling died over 2 years ago and still insist on phoning and asking for deceased person, I have no idea who they are as the will not say getting very annoying now, would like to know if the number can be blocked.
Unknown Nuisance
everyone with a complaint about 02034 752 440 or similar callers, go here; http://www.ico.org.uk/
Survey Nuisance
Asian accent called mentioned uk amongst unintelligible organisation represented. Told me not selling and just a survey. He knew my name and asked first question about employment status. I asked him to confirm his organisation and repeatedly could not understand either his accent or lack of clarity until call hung up. 1471 showed this number. Wished I could have wasted more of his time so his call cost would outweigh returns on whatever scam he was trying.
Survey Nuisance
Received a call from this number this morning, however I allow my answering service to deal with unrecognised calls. The caller hung up as soon as my answering machine got to "Hello I am sorry no one is available to...."
Unknown Neutral
Call from man with Asian accept who addressed me by name and told me not to worry as he was not selling anything but conducting a quick survey. I asked whom he was representing and it all went quiet.
Unknown Nuisance
Pain in the butt, just sat down to lunch, second call today, both Oriental Gentlemen.other call number 01734533443, put phone down and let them talk to themselves. LUS38J
Unknown Nuisance
Got a call from this number, guy with an Indian accent (my accent is South African, so no prob here with accents!!) - here is how it went: caller: "Are you Mrs. Stanley" me: "No I'm not" caller: "But don't you live at 61.... (address - not even in my town) me: "No I do not" - at which point I probably did a bit of a sigh since this is by far my first time with number.... caller: "Why are you laughing at me?" me: "I'm not laughing at you" caller: "Yes you are - why are you laughing at me?" me: "I'm not laughing at you, but you have my name AND address wrong, so obviously you don't need to speak to ME" caller: "But why are you laughing at me?" me: "Oh for Christ sake, I'm not laughing! " caller: "Yes you are - why are you laughing at me?" at this point I obviously hung up and went on with my day.......... What an idiot!
Unknown Nuisance
Nuisance call from unknown survey. I told them of section 11 of the data protection act but they took no notice. So put phone on side and let them talk to thin air.
Survey Nuisance
Multiple nuisance calls from this number in a single day.
Unknown Nuisance