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These calls are from an unpleasant scam film investment company known as www.thescreeninghouse.com

Their techniques are almost identical to those shown in this excellent video by CBS about how this con has already been worked from some time across the pond in the USA. See www.cbsnews.com/videos/investigation-into-hollywood-movie-investment-scam

Basically The Screening House tell you that they have a sure fire proposition to make money by investing in a film currently in production with either www.thespicefactory.co.uk or www.stealthmediagroup.com and tell you that you are guaranteed to get your money back after a year and make a 25% return on your money. Just like the scammers in the CBS video they make no mention at all that your money might go down in value or that you might not get any of it back.

They will tell you your money is safe because you will not send it to them directly (an only 9 month old company) but to the longer established www.stealthmediagroup.com In reality the bank account details they give you will almost certainly be those of the scammer itself having altered a form they have got hold of from Stealth Media or The Spice Factory.

They will ring you back several times and make out there is no particular hurry to invest other than the remaining amount of money they can take for this film is limited in amount and also there is a cut off date after which the chance to invest will close.

This is designed to con you in to ignoring your normal reality check/good sense factor by hoping that your greed instinct will win out over your caution instinct.

I have been called by this outfit twice now to try to con me in to investing in different films. First I was called on 29th January by a Richard Ball who wanted to get me to invest in a film called Mary (Mother of Christ) the alleged Prequel to the reasonably successful Passion of The Christ. I didn't invest in that and told them not to call me again but on 28th April I then heard from a Mr James Green, who ignored my TPS registration and request not to be called again in order to try to get me to invest in a film called Gummy Bear. The film of course exists but the actual terms on which Mr Green or Mr Ball get you to hand over your money are such that there is only a very minimal chance that you will actually ever see any of it again

These scammers have bought the same so called suckers list of potential punters that has previously been used by firms selling ripoff investments in Carbon Equities, Rare Earth Metals and Fine Wines. They even had the unique version of my email address that I had previously only given to BLIC Global - the first of these investment scammers that I ever heard from just over a couple of years ago.

You have been warned.

Reports these scammers for the TPS abuse to www.tpsonline.org.uk + www.ico.org.uk/concerns and for the attempted fraud on your hard earned money at www,actionfraud.police.uk
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