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Ok I'm not saying this is it but do any of you have a ps3 ps4 xbox or and games console in your home that is connected to the internet ? If yes then think about this when you just turn it off (eg you don't power it down in the correct way) it then thinks there was a problem with the console so when you turn it back on it tells you it was not turned off correctly and it wants to do a scan of the system after a few mins (sometimes up to 1hr) it rights it's self and asks if you want the info from the scan it did sending to micro soft or something like that so they can fix the problem for you . If you hit yes then the next day you will get a call from them ( eg a Pakistani / Indian speaking person ) this person only wants to help fix the problem YOU made by turning of you computer or games console in the wrong way . I got these calls every other day the I realised my son was turning my ps3 on and off all wrong now I turn it off not him and I only get one call a month if that and that's only when I'm at work and my son as forgotten to turn it off correctly . If you do turn your computer off the wrong way then you turn it back on and you let it do it's scan do hit yes when it asks if you want the info sent to micro soft just hit no then you should not get anyone ringing to help you fix a problem YOU made yourself . Hope this helps . Thanx for reading (DAVE ALLAN ) not a computer wizz just someone with his head screwd on a little lol sorry thanx .
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