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I was quite angry after this phone call. I have been so upset about calls regarding an accident that I had to call my own insurance company to make sure there was nothing outstanding from a actual accident these people were claiming I needed to sort out paper work for. This time I laughed and said "look I know this is a phishing expedition please remove my number from your data base" the caller then started to shout at me and tell me I was very rude to laugh at her. I felt like quite shakey afterwards. I have put the number on my blocked list.
Unknown Nuisance
Several calls from this number, unable to answer as working. Answered possibly fourth call, asked for me by name. I asked who was calling, told some legal service about a motor collision in the last 3 years, he spoke very fast. I challenged him about who he was, where he had my number from and what vehicle he was referring to. He said he couldn't give any info unless I confirmed accident due to confidentiality. I didn't confirm anything so he saidI he'd remove me from the database. Still have no idea who or what it was about. Have had similar calls from other unknown numbers. Ridiculous.
Unknown Nuisance
The same as the other comment, three calls today alone, everytime they just hung up.
Unknown Nuisance
This number called me on my mobile, I answered and first there was no-one there, then someone answered and asked for me; I asked who was calling and they hung up. Gits
Telemarketing Nuisance
incoming call from this number to mu mobile but no-one there when I answered. annoying!
Unknown Nuisance
I was called on my mobile, the said they were calling about my recent car accident, were very rude when I said they has obtained my number illegally and I was going to report them. They hung up, I called back, there was no ringing just went straight to a very American accented voice saying I would be connected asap but after 10 mins the call was ended.
Unknown Nuisance
I've had this number call me few times on my mobile, say Hello then hang up!
these people are a right pain - does anyone know who they are?
I've tried ringing back, but the call does not connect!
Unknown Nuisance
This number phoned me but on my mobile and as soon as I answered they hung up. I keep getting this type of call that hang up as soon as you answer.

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