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Had a call from this number - claimed he was phoning about my BT landline. He was an 'accounts manager' and could offer me a better deal as BT were increasing costs by 7% in October. I said I didn't have a BT line, we are with another provider. He said no matter he can still help. I was suspicious from the start and wouldn't give him my name - he kept insisting he needed it. He knew my address. In the end he put the phone down on me.
Unknown Neutral
Cold call asking to speak to whoever deals with the BT account. Not from BT. Didn't know the name of the account holder.
Unknown Nuisance
This number--a human, not robot, male-- called on Thursday 28 July at 09.17. Said he was from BT, wanted to talk about my BT "higher rate" account. I asked what this was. I told him that I get both broadband and phone from BT. He said rates were going up by 7 percent on August 1. Said I could get a better deal. So far I was interested--who wouldn't be, given BT's charges?!--and was not suspicious of him. But then he told me "Your name is Hughes, I think". It isn't. So I told him I did not believe he was genuine and I was ending the call; and put the phone down without waiting for his answer.
Unknown Nuisance
Received a call from this number, I thought he said he was from OneCom(?) asked if I had BT tele line and broadband,said BT prices going up,he intimated he worked with Openreach (BT subsidiary)that he could get me a better deal,pressurising,wanted me to agree over the phone ..I should have hung up straight away, he was very convincing...nuisance
Unknown Nuisance
Caller rang saying our bt account needed updating. Asked if I was the bt account holder, which I am. I was suspicious and asked him to put his query in writing to me, which he refused, and said he would have to ring back. I put the phone down on him. This is just a nuisance call not genuine.
Unknown Nuisance
We are a pre-school setting. The caller said he was from BT and our account needed updating. We had been having discussions with BT and so I took the call. He then said he was from Onecall and wanted to give us a different rate.
I object to this nuisance call
Telemarketing Nuisance
Cold call asking to speak to whoever deals with the BT account. Not from BT. Didn't know name of account holder.
Telemarketing Nuisance
We are a business, has call saying we were due an account review with BT, I asked are you from BT he said no from onecall or something similar, I put the phone down!
Telemarketing Nuisance