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Some fool called my wife's mobile and demanded her credit card number. He said his name is Kamran Qayyum from Leicester accounts branch. After my wife refused to give her details, he became abusive and said he knows where she lives and he is coming round with his team to take her so she can work off the debt. My wife is quite scared.
Kamran Qayyum from Leicester is a Fraudster and pervert.
Scam call Negative
Some nobhed from Leicester asking for my bank account details. Said his name is Kamran Qayyum .
Definitely a fraud going on.
I hung up.
Scam call Negative
Leicester Fraudster Kamran Qayyum trying to blackmail me. Spotted in Spinney Hill Highfields Evington Leicester grooming vulnerable teenage girls to sell to his Pakistani gang.
Scam call Negative
Caller has been talking to my 9year old daughter on her mobile. A grown man from Leicester called Kamran Qayyum.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester Pervert Kamran Qayyum called my 11year old daughter directly on her mobile phone.
Nuisance call Negative
It's Leicester KiddyFiddler Kamran Qayyum chasing little boys in Spinny Hill Park.
Kamran Qayyum Local Pervert in Leicester is a well known Universal Credit Fraudster and Telephone Scammer. Report and Block before you get Scammed.
Scam call Negative
Leicester Scammer Kamran Qayyum trying to get my credit card details.
Scam call Negative
Leicester K¡ddy F¡ddler Kamran Qayyum $ex Pe$t from Spinney Hill Park.
Scam call Negative
Kamran Qayyum Leicester AR$€ Bandit.
Wants my bum.
Scam call Negative
Filthy talk from Leicester call centre Kamran Qayyum not happy I won't give him my debit card number. Told him I don't have any debts. He started asking if I'm on my period.
Scam call Negative
Pervy talk from Leicester call centre Qayyum Kamran. Wants to bumm me in spinney hill park.
Scam call Negative
Leicester noodle arms Kamran Qayyum trying to force me on a date saying he knows my home address. I seen him and he is a dirty tramp from Leicester Kamran Qayyum Pervert.
Scam call Negative
Leicester Fraudster Kamran Qayyum trying to blackmail me. Spotted in Spinney Hill Highfields Evington Leicester scamming vulnerable women.
This Noodle Arms is a sex pest and Coward and wouldn't dare talk like this to a man.
Scam call Negative
Telephone scammer and Universal Credit Begger Kamran Qayyum preaches Muslamic but begs infidels to feed him and pay his rent. What a shame of a grown man who can't support himself yet steals off vulnerable taxpayers. Spotted Spinny Hill Highfields Evington Leicester perving over little boys in the park. Qayyum Kamran dirty peedo.
Scam call Negative
Nobhed Leicester Scammer Kamran Qayyum asking for my bank details. This Benefit Scrounger from Leicester Qayyum Kamran is a Liar, Thief and research on Internet shows Kamran Qayyum is is a Dangerous Pervert.
BEWARE. Reported here and blocked.
Scam call Negative
Some guy called me at 730am this morning and started shouting his own name at me..Kamran Qayyum Leicester Fraudster.
Obviously some phone scam as I don't know any idiot called kamran qayyum from Leicester.
Scam call Neutral
Bummer from Leicester Kamran Qayyum, Universal Credit eater.
Scam call Negative
Fraudster Kamran Qayyum Leicester Pervert.
Scam call Negative
Leicester bumboy Kamran Qayyum chasing little boys in the park to spank them.
Mental peeado.
Scam call Negative
Leicester based Pervert Kamran Qayyum threats to rape if your gas bill is not paid. REPORTED
Scam call Negative
Leicester Pervert Kamran Qayyum. Dirty talk on telephone. Where this idiot got my name and number is a mystery. If he comes near my house then my husband will lamp him. I saw his photo on Internet. Noodle arms and pedo eyes.
Scam call Negative
Leicester Universal Credit Begger Kamran Qayyum Dumb Fuk.
Scam call Negative
Leicester Pervert Kamran Qayyum Benefit Fraudster who hassles young girls on telephone. Already known to Police and Council as Village Idiot Kamran Qayyum Leicester Pervert.
Scam call Negative
Scam call, saying they were from BT and i had problems with my internet, sounded like Indian call scammers
Scam call Nuisance

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