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The Peedofile Kamran Qayyum from Leicester has sh!t himself and run away.
Dirty peedo begger Kamran Qayyum, Don't Ever come back to Leicester or you're done for !!!
Debt collection company Negative
Coward Kamran Qayyum has run away from Leicester now that he has been exposed as a Peedo.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester D!rty P!g Kamran Qayyum asking to bum me in Spinney Hill Park.
Nuisance call Negative
Coward from Leicester Kamran Qayyum asking my teenage son out on a date.
Nuisance call Negative
Stalker Kamran Qayyum from Leicester is my old gay Grindr boyfriend. He only takes it in his A55, but can't get it up for me, so I finished with him. Now he won't leave me and my new boyfriend alone.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester Coward Kamran Qayyum who thinks he is gangster but is really just a Benefit Claiming Pu55y who touches random children in Spinney Hill Park then runs away.
Nuisance call Nuisance
Pu$$y of Leicester Kamran Qayyum C0ward and all round A $$hole from Spinney Hill park.
Telemarketing Negative
وہ بچوں سے زیادتی کرنے والا ہے
Kamran Qayyum Leicester.
Scam call Negative
Leicester Child Molester Kamran Qayyum
Scam call Negative
Kamran Qayyum of Leicester gives a great blowJ0b and swallows too. But I've finished with him now. I met him off Grinder and just wish he will leave me alone. Kamran Qayyum likes to be penetrated and always be a Bottom, where as I'm looking for a Top.
Nuisance call Negative
Kanran Qayyum from Leicester is my exboyfriend from when I was going through my homo5sexual stage. His tiny c0ck was just right as it didn't hurt me. I've realised I'm not gay and much prefer women. Now Kamran Qayyum won't leave me alone. He rings constantly and even drives down my street in Spinney Hill naked on his scooter to attract me to him.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester Kamran Qayyum has no balls.
Nuisance call Negative
Numpty from Leicester called Kamran Qayyum asking to finger my bottom. Kamran Qayyum said he will dance for me and be my hoochy queen.
Nuisance call Negative
It's a Pervert from Leicester Kamran Qayyum who wants a threesome with me and my daughter. He got my number from Muslim-dating-online now he is calling me everyday. Kamran Qayyum begs housing benefit to pay his rent yet pretends he is a wealthy tycoon. In reality, Kamran Qayyum is a pervert loser.
Scam call Negative
Dirty Tramp Kamran Qayyum the Leicester Housing Benefit Scrounger who thinks he is a man but in reality is an Asswipe Begger.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester Coward Kamran Qayyum.
Waster of a man.
Scam call Negative
It's the Leicester Bender Kamran Qayyum who takes it in his a$$ from his filthy cousins whilst barking like a dog in Spinney Hill Park.
Nuisance call Negative
It's Well Known Coward Kamran Qayyum from Leicester who touches the private parts of random children in Spinney Hill Park claiming to be checking for Covid symptoms. This Pervert Kamran Qayyum has Mental Health issues.
Nuisance call Nuisance
It's the well known Ch¡ld M0lester Kamran Qayyum Peed0 from Leicester.
Scam call Negative
Weak path€tic f●●l from Leicester.
Kamran Pu$$y Qayyum.
Benefit Scrounger who can't even pay his rent. What a joke of a 'man'.
Scam call Negative
Absolute C○ward from Leicester Kamran Qayyum trying to intimidate me into performing h○mo s€x with him.
Scam call Negative
Some nut asking to speak to my 10year old daughter.
Said his name is Kamran from Leicester.
Looked on here and name is Kamran Qayyum. Why is he talking on telephone to my little girl.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester coward Kamran Qayyum threatening local women with harm if they don't go on dates with him.
Kamran Qayyum is a local pervert who is now using telephone to harass young ladies. Leicester Coward Kamran Qayyum
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester transgender dogging club headed by Kamran Qayyum, in Spinney Park at midnight Wednesdays. Bring a torch and wet wipes.
Scam call Negative
Big mouthed housing benefits begger from Leicester, Kamran Qayyum. Talks big but can't even pay his rent.
A walking twiglet and a huge joke of a cowardly man.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester Coward Kamran Qayyum
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester Kamran Qayyum D!K H€D
Scam call Negative
Leicester pusillanimous Kamran Qayyum, N●nce. Beware!!
Nuisance call Nuisance
Leicester Boy Bum Bandit Kamran Qayyum.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester paedoph!le Kamran Qayyum.
Head of a child grooming gang, this N○nce Kamran Qayyum and his Pakistaani mates prey on very young children in Spinney Hill Park.
Scam call Negative
Leicester kiddy toucher Kamran Groomer Qayyum perv from Spinney Hill Park area. He has a grooming ring in Highfield and Evington with his Pakkistani mates. Be warned.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester Baboon Kamran Qayyum, Kiddy Toucher.
Scam call Nuisance
Biggest Coward in Leicester Kamran Qayyum. Pu$$Y Noodle Arms.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester Twit Kamran Qayyum rang me last night asking me to come round to his Gaylord club after getting my phone number off Grinder app. Keeps calling me even though I told him I don't like ugly men.
Scam call Negative
Bearded Ladyboy from Leicester, Kamran Qayyum. Will do anything you like for £10.
Bendy and flexible and takes it in his A$$.
Company Nuisance
9am phone call to my mobile.
All I heard was a guy shouting Gaylord.
When asked what he wants, he said Leicester Gaylord club or something or other.
I asked his name and he replied Kamran Qayyum lord of gayys.
I believe this Kamran Qayyum is mentally challanged. No idea where he got my mobile number from.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester male prostitute Kamran Qayyum, selling his asss for £10 in Spinney Hill Park to local Pakkistaani community.
Nuisance call Nuisance
Fcuk Off Kamran and your Tranny fund.
I'm not donating to confused scumbags whilst there are real problems in the world.
Kamran Qayyum Leicester Tranny Donations.
Scam call Negative
Some fool called my wife's mobile and demanded her credit card number. He said his name is Kamran Qayyum from Leicester accounts branch. After my wife refused to give her details, he became abusive and said he knows where she lives and he is coming round with his team to take her so she can work off the debt. My wife is quite scared.
Kamran Qayyum from Leicester is a Fraudster and pervert.
Scam call Negative
Some nobhed from Leicester asking for my bank account details. Said his name is Kamran Qayyum .
Definitely a fraud going on.
I hung up.
Scam call Negative
Leicester Fraudster Kamran Qayyum trying to blackmail me. Spotted in Spinney Hill Highfields Evington Leicester grooming vulnerable teenage girls to sell to his Pakistani gang.
Scam call Negative
Caller has been talking to my 9year old daughter on her mobile. A grown man from Leicester called Kamran Qayyum.
Nuisance call Negative
Leicester Pervert Kamran Qayyum called my 11year old daughter directly on her mobile phone.
Nuisance call Negative
It's Leicester KiddyFiddler Kamran Qayyum chasing little boys in Spinny Hill Park.
Kamran Qayyum Local Pervert in Leicester is a well known Universal Credit Fraudster and Telephone Scammer. Report and Block before you get Scammed.
Scam call Negative
Leicester Scammer Kamran Qayyum trying to get my credit card details.
Scam call Negative
Leicester K¡ddy F¡ddler Kamran Qayyum $ex Pe$t from Spinney Hill Park.
Scam call Negative
Kamran Qayyum Leicester AR$€ Bandit.
Wants my bum.
Scam call Negative
Filthy talk from Leicester call centre Kamran Qayyum not happy I won't give him my debit card number. Told him I don't have any debts. He started asking if I'm on my period.
Scam call Negative
Pervy talk from Leicester call centre Qayyum Kamran. Wants to bumm me in spinney hill park.
Scam call Negative
Leicester noodle arms Kamran Qayyum trying to force me on a date saying he knows my home address. I seen him and he is a dirty tramp from Leicester Kamran Qayyum Pervert.
Scam call Negative