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just now he called us and threaten us to remove our post from forums because he owns Chelmsfordclub in delhi. Now he is trying to prove he is not a scammer.

Scammer details Kirish Gandhi kirish gandhi kirishgandhi@gmail.com KIRISHGANDHI@GMAIL.COM +91 – 9811920997
9811920997 Serial Number K-1425 Address : 25/ 13, EAST PATEL NAGAR,NEW DELHI scammer
Scam call Negative
Someone claiming to be from an online financial services company, who asked if I was aware of online financial services. I asked him how he got my number and he said "Is it good to answer a question with a question?". I hung up and blocked the number.
Nuisance call Negative
As per others, spoke to me like they knew me and told me I filled out details (which I didnt) requesting investment advice. I suspect stolen details and they got defensive and hostile saying how else would they have my details.
Nuisance call Negative
Call location was from Austria, didn't answer. No voicemail was left, so probably a scam/ nuisance call
Unknown Nuisance
Did not answer the call as know no-one in Austria
Nuisance call Nuisance
Called in one day, several times. Said I registered my interest in Financial Services. When I questioned this they got defensive and became quite hostile
Financial services Negative
This number called and greeted as if he knew me and called me by name when I asked who it was he said 'it's Kevin' and disconnected, funny thing that I don't know anyone I Austria and don't know anyone called Kevin. Wonder if they were trying to get a call back?
Unknown Neutral
Seems to be using Austrian number, but I think the source may be from another country such as Nigeria, Ghana, India, etc., who use VPNs, or so-called 'mules' based in Austria. Don't have any reason for a call from Austria. Plus, was to my Landline, and went to answering machine, left no message - so definitely a unsolicited, possibly a scam call.
Unknown Negative
Did not answer the call as know no-one in Austria
Unknown Neutral