Phone number 03333440821, +443333440821

Country: United Kingdom

Rating: Nuisance, Number of comments: 5, Last comment: 20/12/2013
Number of views: 769, Last visit: 29/07/2016

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20/12/2013 86.145.*.*
i believe this is a company called Onecom, an unscrupulous vodafone reseller. they tried to get me to add three additional numbers to my account for "free", I would be billed extra by vodafone and they would credit me the difference, with all the pitfalls that entails. I was annoyed that vodafone supplied my details in the first place.
Type of call: Unknown, Rating: Unsafe
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18/12/2013 86.5.*.*
Scam texts from a Vodafone reseller or troll trying to shift out-of-date merchanise.
Type of call: SMS, Rating: Nuisance
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16/12/2013 86.63.*.*
My husband had a text today supposedly from Vodafone saying that he could get a free iPad if he took 5Gb extra on his plan. It said call this number and 1st come 1st served. He called Vodafone on their customer support number and, as you can guess, it's a scam!! They took a note of the number themselves and will follow it up. DO NOT PHONE THE NUMBER!!!!
Type of call: SMS, Rating: Unsafe
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11/12/2013 145.224.*.*
SMS: "Exclusive Offer Vodafone Customers only: add 5GB data to your account and receive a FREE iPAD delivered before Xmas. 1st come 1st served. Call 0333440821"

Have not called the number. Do not intent to.
Type of call: SMS, Rating: Nuisance
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11/12/2013 77.99.*.*
Last chance Christmas offer for Vodaphone customers free Nokia handset free line rental call the number. First come first served limited numbers available etc.
Type of call: SMS, Rating: Nuisance
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