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    • 01617414000
    • I ignored call from this number. I have given my number to no one so they are ringing random numbers or they got my number from Orange.
    • 1
    • 01213141516
    • Did not answer the phone as I did not recognize it at ALL. Voicemail sounded like a telemarketer boiler room, but no actual message.
    • 1
    • 02035985865
    • this number is credit portal a company takes money for loan checks then pass your details to people who takes money for loan and so on until your account is £0 then you here no more and you cant get passed there in London somewhere beaware
    • 71
    • +12102490540
    • is it not time that all mobile companies put a block on these numbers, after all we are paying them for a service, they keep coming up with new phones, so you can block a number yourself, but in order to do this you have to have a phone or tablet that can do this, so we should all protest to mobile or BT companies to sort this out now ....
    • 1
    • 01332895906
    • this phone number and company associated with it is nothing more than cold calling asking if you have hearing problems.
    • 2
    • 01924601039
    • Just received call from this number. This is the 7th unsolicited call in less than 24 hours and we are pensioners in our late 70 s and 80s
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    • 01912569346
    • This is Park Dean Holiday Park Caravan Lets and Sales.
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    • 09007485624
    • Male caller told M-in-L that her computer was sending error messages over the internet, he was a Windows Technical Service provider who if she gave him her IP address he would show/instruct her how to download software that would cure the problem! Fortunately M-in-L wasn't born yesterday, and rarely has a computer connected to her hub and hasn't for some time - sent the caller packing telling him to stop scamming her!! ;-))
    • 1
    • +33483970955
    • Always at meal times during the week and Saturdays
    • 4
    • 02070973266
    • dnes mi zvonil telefon z tohto čísla ,nezdvihol som lebo som neočakával hovor z anglicka.Chcem poďakovať za užitočné informácie.
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    • 02036203500
    • it is vanquis bank
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    • +31442035742110
    • constantly get bombarded by this number. no person on other end or message being played.
    • 2
    • 07900742233
    • Call came in from 07900742233. I did not answer it because I did not recognise the number. However, I sent a text asking them to identify them self. They failed to respond.
    • 1
    • 01162492472
    • Calls repeatedly on landline and I just blocked them on the landline and I am going to do the same on the mobile phone. If you are registered on TPS you can complain
      If enough people complain they will be forced to stop their stupid activities
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    • 0141280036
    • 3
    • 01206682003
    • 01206682003 have had several phone calls from this number asking to speak to my son who no longer lives at this,address. When asked who was calling he said he could only speak to my son. Asked for our phone number to be taken off their contact list and for no more phone calls. They do not listen and as,far as I'm concerned they are a real nuisance. Preying on people is not an occupation I can imagine anyone would want to do but it seems this company have no conscience.
    • 13
    • 07624803049
    • Similar story, I received a text from this number inr elation to a sit on mower I had advertised in gum tree asking me to send further details to I was suspicious but sent thro more info - and played along, I received the following
      I am very keen. How i wish i could come for viewing and inspection as
      am currently away at the moment and i want it picked up before i get
      back, though i will be back in couple of weeks. Due to my inability to
      make a bank deposit, I would be paying via PayPal which is safer for
      me. Kindly send me a paypal payment invoice or create an account at if you don't have one. I will make a concrete pick
      up arrangement with my transport agent who will be coming over for
      pick up once you receive full payment into your PayPal account. In the
      meantime, I will like you to remove the AD from the internet to avoid
      further inquiry as i will definitely be buying it.
      I did raise a paypal invoice, and received a spam mail supposedly from my paypal account and this email from dave Dass

      I have made the payment but i have a problem here, i just got an email from my transport company that they won't come for the pick up unless i pay the transport fee first, and there is no way i could do that because am out of the country at the moment and i can't access western union here. I have decided to add the amount which is £300 while i paid through paypal which has not been deducted from my account but pending in your account. So please i will like you to help me transfer/wire the said £300 to the company via western union so they can be able to come for the pick up and also paypal said they won't release the funds until they get the western union information from you to confirm that the £300 has been sent due to the fact that i emailed them about the exess payment i made. The money will be sent to company's agents head office address in MALAYSIA but they will be coming from Wales. Here is the details which the money will be sent to:

      Name: Noralezah Binti Razak
      Address: B-5-7 Pucak Anthenium avenue
      State:Kuala Lumpur
      Zipe code: 68000
      Country: Malaysia

      I was also told by paypal that a confirmation email has been sent to pls check all your mail folders i..e junk/spam to confirm my payment as it sometimes jumps in there.

      Waiting to hear from you

      I responded by saying he was committing fraud to which he replied with abuse!
      Please beware of this scammer!
    • 1
    • 03330063412
    • This number has called me 3 times in the last 3 days, they claim to be calling on behalf of EE, stating you've been with them for a number of years and have qualified for a number of loyalty discounts.

      I told them no thanks and contacted EE to verify the number. EE have stated they are nothing to do with them and this is NOT an EE contact number do not take up any offers.
    • 1
    • +543939216105
    • not sure about this one
      tried to phone them back and it was an incorrect number
    • 1
    • 07741260870
    • number calls me three times but left no message