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Welcome in the phone numbers reverse lookup service, which is used for reverse searching of phone numbers. This service is a user database of phone numbers of marketing agencies, telecom operators, banks, insurance companies and other companies that made junk phone offers or only shortly ringing phone numbers, which is very annoying and disturbing.

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If you have received an unsolicited phone call, an unwanted SMS message, or you just come across a phone number you do not know and want to know about it more, maybe you are not the only one. You can search the phone number and see the comments from other people. If the phone number still has no comments, be the first to leave a comment, which helps other people, please.

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Recently commented phone numbers

    • 28
    • 01617414000
    • Is this the same PPA claim company who advertise on your website.pages?
    • 1
    • 01226352018
    • A SHADE GREENER....desperation is now setting in to sell gas boilers now they have stopped doing free solar panels.i HAVE blocked their numbers(which they change) a big tip as well DO NOT CLICK ON THE E-MAILS THEY SEND.YOU WILL NEVER GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!!.BLOCK THEIR E-MAILS.
    • 1
    • 01325952258
    • Don't know why a number from Darlington would be calling my mobile. Anyone know who it is?
    • 1
    • +675131925805
    • Called me at 1:21AM!!!
    • 1
    • 01582208048
    • Loan shark
    • 1
    • 01302379520
    • someone who this is as I got call but didnt pick up asI'm overseas

    • 1
    • 02895839997
    • Called saying that I have had an accident, did I want to claim.
    • 1
    • 08768733724
    • I was told that the caller was from Publisher's Clearing House and that I had one a substantial prize. I was also told that I would get it today and only had to pay a delivery fee. When I stated that PCH doesn't do that he swore at me and hung up.
    • 1
    • +8004790758
    • Called my number but rang off. No message left on voicemail.
    • 1
    • 07970602280
    • unknown to us
    • 1
    • 01828431920
    • This is a Coupar Angus code, but not the number.The person calling tried to tell me I had been in a road traffic collision,which I had not as I was hanging up I heard her say well could I just ask you?
    • 1
    • +2222222239252101
    • Fraud, claiming i had an accident last year, considering im bed bound i have not had an accident haha,
    • 1
    • 01410100002
    • This number sent a text to my cell phone.. had a name from Brynna R. Navia.. also have a website
      akzyzcuv.Insta Hook up It was sent three different times with last 3 digits 002, 003, and 004.
      i just deleted the text.. Have no idea how they got my cell phone number.. this is probably a hacker.. do not visit website or check on anythin.
    • 1
    • 0141532254
    • PPI Bloody nuisance. NEVER the same number on automated calls.
    • 1
    • 01776258526
    • Help me find out who called me on this number thanks
    • 2
    • +9197140499
    • I got a call from this number a week ago and answered it. There was no one on the other end. I now get a call from it 1-2 times every day. Have been unable to find out what company it is.
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    • 01914265432
    • no message left
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    • 89150
    • I am getting texts from this number everyday and it's annoying me
    • 1
    • 01298430675
    • Searching on this number leads you to a lot of dangerous files and Malicious web pages al Russian based. DON'T OPEN ANY OF THEM AND BLOCK THIS NUMBER.
    • 3
    • 07860009041
    • Received a text to say my book has arrived. I ordered no such thing.