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Recently commented phone numbers

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    • 0183285442
    • PPI claims
    • 21
    • 01617414000
    • Just had a call from this number, as previous comments a call from PPI, but i cut them off before they could go through thire script.
    • 1
    • 01613936544
    • This number calls me three or four times every day. Always on my mobile. I have never picked up as I don't respond to unknown numbers but it is becoming a nuisance now.
    • 4
    • 03301239013
    • This phone number call both my mobile and home number numerous times each day. I never answer, you would think they would get the message by that not to call
    • 1
    • 01276686840
    • Bastards keep calling me in middle of night. Please fuck off and die.
    • 1
    • 07823604238
    • Stanislava Bielcikova LONDON UK
    • 1
    • 02034765825
    • Callers from this number call and don't leave a message when called the numbers message stated they called for contract and phone upgrades EE, has no idea who this number and states it's not at all contracted to EE. Don't deal with them.
    • 3
    • 01612448122
    • From reading other web comments I assume that it is Talk Talk because I started to change providers yesterday. What a coincidence. So glad I decided to leave even with my faulty phone line. When I told them the reason for changing they ended the call.
    • 1
    • 01496512011
    • Possible scammer as I don't know anyone in Port Ellen.
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    • 01954582011
    • Possible scammer because I don't even know where Madingley is.
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    • +387603807301
    • got message from viber that I won samsung galaxy s6 and I have to follow by link where I have to put some of my details .
    • 1
    • 007537415719
    • Three text messages from this number, which are total gobbledygook.
      Deleted all of them without opening the message.
      Don't know whether any malicious intent, but it's a pain nonetheless.
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    • 0163427924
    • recorded spam call
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    • 01269849592
    • This is the third time that this number has called me, and the second call from the Ammanford area on another number they use. Even though I'm registered with the TP Service the calls still keep coming. The last time I senta strongly worded letter of complaint to Ammanford Council. Perhaps if enough of us complain to the Council, THEY might do something about it!
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    • +12102490540
    • Called today from this number, no answer and rang off ?
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    • +31684133507
    • Rings several times a day; sometimes instantly after ringing off it will ring again.
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    • 01172949987
    • I had 2 calls about hearing loss due to the work I did ,they knew I had been to hospital for the hearing test , and had hearing aids they said I was due money for my hearing loss and passed me over to a law firm , so how did they know the hospital I had the test done,the result , my name and number the information must have come from the hospital , as no one knew beside my g p about the test just a scam to make this law firm money
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    • 01371491034
    • who is this
    • 6
    • 07901325263
    • The other number associated the ebay account mentioned below also appears on another advert with the numbers 01707870808/07546668543 you can just about make out a vehicle registration in the picture.

      The 01797 870808 number is advertised on autotrader as Nostress London Ltd

      The add has the address Nostress London Ltd, Cuffley Hill, Potters bar, Herts, En6 4 ex

      Companies house has no no company by this name but one thats similar just with an extra space. Companies House gives the address for No Stress London Ltd (note this name has the additional space, so may not be the same) as Name & Registered Office:
      35 GRAFTON WAY
      W1T 5DB
      Company No. 07718359

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    • +3254578458
    • 'Michael' had an extremely strong Asian accent and said he was phoning from technical service desk as my computer had a lot of errors that needed clearing when I asked which technical service desk he replied Microsoft. I said I didn't understand how he could see all these errors as I didn't have a computer and the line went dead. blatant scam