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Welcome in the phone numbers reverse lookup service, which is used for reverse searching of phone numbers. This service is a user database of phone numbers of marketing agencies, telecom operators, banks, insurance companies and other companies that made junk phone offers or only shortly ringing phone numbers, which is very annoying and disturbing.

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If you have received an unsolicited phone call, an unwanted SMS message, or you just come across a phone number you do not know and want to know about it more, maybe you are not the only one. You can search the phone number and see the comments from other people. If the phone number still has no comments, be the first to leave a comment, which helps other people, please.

You can also visit free reverse phone directory on the website, which is used for lookup of US phone numbers (the international dialling code is +1 or 001). You can find German phone numbers on the website (the international dialling code is +49 or 0049).

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For international phone numbers enter in the search box number, including the country dialling code and international call sign + (plus) or 00 (double zero). Otherwise, the phone number will be searched incorrectly. The telephone numbers for the UK do not have to enter the international dialling code.

Recently commented phone numbers

    • 3
    • 01792312303
    • they dont give up
    • 1
    • 01618540307
    • It's a consumer service centre asking lots of dumb questions I hung up
    • 5
    • 01269849592
    • This number rang my mobile at 03.38 am. Who the hell rings someone at that time of the morning?
      I was asleep so came on here to check who it was, after reading the comments I've now blocked the number on my mobile!
      Thanks guys!
    • 1
    • 08437
    • Nuisance call each day = phone rings but time the call is ended before one can answer
    • 77
    • +12102490540
    • rgot a call today on my mobile, didn't answer!!
    • 1
    • +13023573644
    • i want only to know the caller because i missed the call sintayehu mitku Addis Ababa Ethiopia
    • 2
    • 01916740029
    • hearing loss company,,,,,,HANG UP
    • 1
    • 01267863839
    • Very abusive calls police informed
    • 1
    • 075090667371
    • am venkat from india .why I got one sms from that number.i didn't get.what is that?why they sent?

      "venkat,imagine a cyber recruiting system so good it really does sell itself,much better than u a ARP option,u get 1st in,be ready!"

      like that I got sms...why pls email me
    • 1
    • 01772210177
    • Unsolicited nuisance sales call. Recorded message claiming to be a local service for cleaning barbeques and ovens. I'm on south coast, code is Preston.
    • 6
    • 01616388590
    • I am receiving up to 3 call per day on my mobile and work.
      It is in relation to an accident I had last year, I had no injuries and the other party paid to repair my car.
      I am being repeatedly harassed and have to explain everyday that I do not require any compensation.
      I received three calls yesterday and two today, when I block the number they call again on withheld.
      Thus is from an accident from May 2014!!! I was Not injured and I would like to know who is passing my personal phone number around and also my WORK number, which is becoming a problem as I am not permitted to receive personal calls.
      This must be an infringement of my confidential information!.
      PLEASE STOP!!!!!
    • 1
    • 01242898750
    • Unknown caller requesting call back, bit curt and snotty, unknown reason. Agency name hard to identify
    • 1
    • 02039627656
    • Extremely rude and with no introduction. Picked up the phone only to be asked in an abrupt manner, "Are you the home owner?" My answer was, "no". "Are you a business?" came the reply, my answer was again, "no" and they hung up immediately. Number does not come up on any web searches but I would strongly suggest not answering it as I have no idea who they are or what they wanted.
    • 2
    • 01209293510
    • If I try calling that number, I get unobtainable.
    • 4
    • +421907701385
    • звонили дважды. На емейл сбрасывали визитку. Аферисты по ходу
    • 1
    • +27861400109
    • Stop phoning me every day! You are a nuisance. Leave me alone, go away!
    • 1
    • +27873109517
    • Please stop phoning me every day! When i answer then you drop the line. You are a nuisance! Go away i will not answer again!
    • 1
    • 02037012368
    • This caller sounds non English and is a persistent caller despite being told in no uncertain terms to remove my number from his dialling list.
      Saturday last (4th July )we had 6 calls on this number and today I have just received a second call, he will not give his name and when asked what company he is representing he just mumbles words and the only identification you can interpret is its a survey.
    • 1
    • 01625683010
    • Who are they????
    • 1
    • 0171466274
    • Usual recorded message re PPI