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He called and said he was a client and wanted the name of someone that reported to one of the Managing directors at my Bank. He was quite pushy and got upset when I refused to divulge any information. I asked him to call the helpdesk to obtain this information and I hung up. He was clearly not a client and was just trying to solicit information . Other comments support this fact. I simply googled the number he called with and I could see that he was just fishing for information.

  • Last comment: 23/06/2017
  • Number of views: 137


Could not understand a word what he saying, and I kept saying hello you do you want and then he hung up. May be a wrong number.

  • Last comment: 22/06/2017
  • Number of views: 7


Very badly distorted line from India (of course) telling me for the sum of £6.99 a month, they would stop nuisance calls. I managed to waste no less than 8 minutes of their time and even had a supervisor on the line as well. I wonder how many calls I would get from them had they got my credit card number?

  • Last comment: 20/06/2017
  • Number of views: 74


Car accident claims scammer.

  • Last comment: 15/06/2017
  • Number of views: 34


calls repeatedly, call guardian intercepts and number rings off

  • Last comment: 15/06/2017
  • Number of views: 254



  • Last comment: 12/06/2017
  • Number of views: 18


some unintelligible foreign woman saying something about British Telecom

  • Last comment: 10/06/2017
  • Number of views: 22


Attributed to My My My Limited but will not answer.

  • Last comment: 02/06/2017
  • Number of views: 217


Windows computer scammer

  • Last comment: 01/06/2017
  • Number of views: 35


I have put pictures on for a model scouting company and that the number I received in my email is one I've been contacted on but wasnt in to reply.im trying to find out if its genuine...thats why I looks on here

  • Last comment: 31/05/2017
  • Number of views: 341


It's fraud

  • Last comment: 29/05/2017
  • Number of views: 39



  • Last comment: 29/05/2017
  • Number of views: 39


08712349588 is sending out job offer on Whatsapp. Job description: House keeper. Monthly pay £3,200 + £200 a week pocket money.

  • Last comment: 20/05/2017
  • Number of views: 50


I am just checking who's this number is and whether to delete it

  • Last comment: 19/05/2017
  • Number of views: 58


Probable Wal-Mart gift card scam. Used to be toll free number for Michigan Heart and Vascular Specialists in Petoskey, MI.

  • Last comment: 18/05/2017
  • Number of views: 49


scam scam scam scam scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Last comment: 16/05/2017
  • Number of views: 160


Called at 3am in the morning

  • Last comment: 15/05/2017
  • Number of views: 51


Caller stated they had called regarding my recent car accident. i asked who they were and the caller stated
something that sounded like "hartelligence" they asked me had i had an accident and I asked them a couple of times who they were and how to spell the company name. they hung up. I have had other calls asking about a recent car accident that hang up when I ask them questions regarding where did they get my number? Who are they ? who said I had an accident ? etc.

  • Last comment: 15/05/2017
  • Number of views: 65


This number called me at 10.00 this morning and hung up when I answered.

  • Last comment: 08/05/2017
  • Number of views: 2070


Calling me constantly and i dont know him

  • Last comment: 07/05/2017
  • Number of views: 53
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