01614648118 United Kingdom Manchester

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got a call from this number today and as soon as i said hello to the call i could hear the person in the background talking, said hello again and then the call was disconnected.
Telemarketing Nuisance
This company has been cold calling me for weeks - I owe nothing, I don't want to borrow anything - this company? is like vermin. Why don't they just stick their head in a bucket of H2SO4
Unknown Nuisance
This call bypassed my phone warrior app, like the I'm a drug dealer comment will definitely use that one.
This number is now on phone warriors list, hopefully they won't call again
Unknown Nuisance
Cold calling repeatedly. Using illegal automated caller. Where do they get their data? Well suspect
Telemarketing Negative
Called me about 'clearing my debts', which I don't have apart from normal mortgage. When I asked where they got number, she replied from respinse to text message. Suspicious as I'm very careful to ingore the ocassional SMS messages I receive. When I said I wasn't interested, she still came back with more questions!! Very annoying!
Telemarketing Nuisance
Just had a call asking for me by name "to complete my recent loan application". when I told them I hadn't applied for a loan, he then went on to list a number of other financial products which I may have applied for. I started saying "I'm a bit concerned....". That's as far as I got before the line went dead. Note, I am on Telephone preference but clearly that makes no difference to these companies.
Unknown Negative
Just had a call from this number asking if i wanted a loan of up to £5000, Told them i don't need any loan's because i'm a drug dealer, Stopped them in there tracks, LOL
Telemarketing Nuisance