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we got a call and we got suspicious of his indian accent. We searched him on forums and youtube. We found his chat video where he he sells naked pictures of little girls.

Scammer details Kirish Gandhi kirish gandhi kirishgandhi@gmail.com KIRISHGANDHI@GMAIL.COM +91 – 9811920997
9811920997 Serial Number K-1425 Address : 25/ 13, EAST PATEL NAGAR,NEW DELHI scammer
Scam call Negative
i got a call to clear my pending dues but when i searched his number i was in awe. google and bing is full of his scams. thanks for saving me.

Kirish Gandhi
+91 – 9811920997 MOBILE
9811920997 MOBILE
Serial Number K-1425
His Address : 25/ 13, EAST PATEL NAGAR,NEW DELHI
Nuisance call Negative
Why do not these people realise that they are nothing but a nuisance when they ring and even more so in my case as they rang me while I was in Canada and they called twice. If the government were not so spineless they would put a stop to these wretched calls.
Telemarketing Nuisance
I wish this number would either Stop ringing or at least have someone on the other end when I answer.
Unknown Nuisance
Message said Santander and HSBC customers can reclaim the money owing to them. Clearly a Nuisance PPI call.
Telemarketing Nuisance
Rang at 5.50pm but stopped before answering
Unknown Nuisance
missed call only because last time i missed it i googled it and found other said spam
Unknown Nuisance
Keeps calling and when I rung back stated number is not yet registered
Unknown Nuisance
keeps on calling non stop
Unknown Nuisance
PPI claim line. loads of calls which hangs up before answer.
Unknown Nuisance
Rings then stops before it can be answered. Loads of times.
Unknown Nuisance
called my mobile but hung up before i could answer, did not leave a message, pain in the bum like all the rest
Unknown Nuisance
What da hell?!?! How can I get rid of these dodgy phone calls. I believe that this number is also related to 0845 286 3322. As I receive these phone calls nearly every day, but they changing...Damn! If anyone knows how to get rid of these phone calls, then I'm happy to take your advice....
Unknown Nuisance
fed up to the back teeth with calls from would-be PPI claim twats
Telemarketing Nuisance
It's a machine so I can't even ask that they don't call me again and I don't know which company it is so that I call them to ask that they stop calling me. It insults my integrity I have no use for these services. I pressed 9 to opt out but it didn't work. So I have registered with Telephone Preference Service it will take 28 days but hopefully it will stop them: - http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps/number_type.html
Telemarketing Nuisance
This harassing numer has now started leaving a voicemail it is an automated message trying to find out how to block numbers
Unknown Nuisance
scam....rang twice in 24 hr. Bank refud...not.

avoid ..probably illegal too.
Telemarketing Neutral
Refund due on my bank account...yes that's so likely isn't it? Probably illegal and potentially fraudulent.
Telemarketing Negative
Got a call..but hang up before picking up
Unknown Negative
Calls received no speech no message
Unknown Nuisance
Don't answer
Unknown Nuisance
They were saying they were from Nat West advising me that I was due a refund on my account.
Unknown Neutral