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I would like to stop receiving these nuisance calls asking about my so called claim. I have no claims, never have. The woman on the other end would not stop talking. How do I get it stopped?
Unknown Neutral
Is this the same PPA claim company who advertise on your website.pages?
Telemarketing Neutral
This is a PPI caller
Telemarketing Nuisance
unsolicitored call saying they were calling about my accident. I havent had one!! hang up and block this caller
Unknown Nuisance
Very annoying man saying I might be owed money.. Then went into say if I've had an overdraft, loan or company credit card I could be owed money. I'm a student and have had non of those. I said I didn't have any of those and he was just persistent. I said T'ra as put the phone down. Fuming they have my number
Telemarketing Negative
Just got a missed call from this no didn't ring it back
Looked it up on here don't know how they got my number unless
It's from EE
Unknown Negative
Rude, ignored my comment that I was at work and couldn't talk.
Unknown Nuisance
Just received a call from this nasty man trying to convince me I was intitled to claim money back on insurance.. Tried very politely to say no thank you but he them accused me of being rude, he then asked me if I understood him ... This went on and on..... Can't believe that he nearly brought me to tears!!!!! Feel very frustrated ... Now scared that he's going to call back!!!... Guys do not pick up to this caller....
Telemarketing Negative
Just had a call from this number, as previous comments a call from PPI, but i cut them off before they could go through thire script.
Unknown Nuisance
Worse PPI call ever, would stop talking even I told them I have never had a PPI and I am not interested. He just wouldn't take no and questioning why don't I want free money. He never gave me who they are and music playing in the background, awful, how can I complaint about such practice.
Unknown Nuisance
Had an aggressive ppi phone call. wouldnt take no. Rude and cocky with Liverpool acsent with music blairing in the back ground. Sounds like a crack den. (no offence intended to Liverpool folk)
Unknown Negative
Had a call from this number on my 3-month old smartphone from Virgin Mobile. Maybe they got the number from an app supplier. PPI compensation (I've never had PPI) but persistent talker when I told him no.
Unknown Nuisance
I ignored call from this number. I have given my number to no one so they are ringing random numbers or they got my number from Orange.
Unknown Nuisance
Constantly ringing my mobile - luckily I see the number and ignore it. One day they might remove it from their call list!
Unknown Nuisance
Unsolicited phone call. I answered and they did not respond immediately so it was probably from an auto dialler and so I hung up.
Unknown Neutral
Typical sales crap !!
Unknown Nuisance
PPI call. They asked if my compensation had arrived yet. I haven't applied for any. Told them they had the wrong number!
Unknown Nuisance
Pain in the neck!! Didn't answer thank god but I don't give my number to anyone so im assuming orange have sold my number along with many others, this should not be allowed
Unknown Nuisance
PPI Call
Hung up before they managed to get into conversation.
Unknown Negative
Called re PPI. told them I wasn't interested and they hung up before I could.
Telemarketing Nuisance
If a name does not come up with the no its does not get answered bunch of crooks as far as I can see from comments
Unknown Nuisance
Call re: PPI
Trying to get info from me.
They had no idea who they were speaking to.
I hung up.
Unknown Negative
Missed a call from this number, no message. Follow up call from 01494590777, maybe related.
Unknown Nuisance
Don't know who it was or how they got my number they hung up. Dickhead company i assume.
Unknown Nuisance
Answered phone and they hung up. I then phoned them twice and they hung up on me.
Unknown Nuisance
Rung me 6 times, hung up when I answered, I rang back, they hung up? Scam..I THINK SO!!
Unknown Negative
Rang me 4 times within 10 minutes, when i answered they hung up. Grrrrrr!!
Unknown Neutral
Think this is a fraud steer, hung up on them. Annoyed they had my number!
Unknown Negative
Some fraudster asking for bank details.
Unknown Negative